Hello, welcome to my app for Renee619 the UC Grey Ixi! A couple quick disclamers before we begin: I do plan on trading Renee for a faerie yurble, and the app reflects that. Also, english is not my first language, so apologies for any mistakes! With that out of the way, I hope you enjoy your reading! c:


Goddess of stars, space, and the sky, Polaris is one of the eldest deities. There are many myths surrounding her origins - from being formed by a star, manifesting alongside them, or even being a star herself. Considered one of the creators of the universe, most of her worshippers are creatives. Artists, Carpenters, sculptors, writers - many of those who create turn to Polaris, be it just a prayer to help with creative blockages, or devoting their entire lives to her ways. While taking an important role in the pantheon, she isn't as big of a center of worship, not having many temples solely dedicated to her. Those who are, however, are beautiful, having deeply detailed paintings and sculptures, as well as a stunningly and colorful architecture. Household shrines, found a lot more frequently than temples, are equally breathtaking, each with the faithful's personal touch shining through (as can be expected from her artistic followers).
The night sky: stars, the moon.
Day and night, light and dark - a spark amidst shadows.
A paintbrush stained with blues and purples.
Fireflies dancing under starlight.


Main Epithets: Moon and Stars; The Sunbringer
Alignment: Neutral Good
Domains: Life, light
Symbol: Eclipsed sun


Let's get it out of the way first: I hate NC trading so it would take a bit to actually finish her custom. I might change a couple things, but I really like it and am willing to make the sacrifice. While I'm not a particularly frequent beauty contest entrant, I do plan on getting trophies for most of my pets, and it wouldn't be different for Polaris. I could promise a petlookup, as well, but I am horrified of coding anything until the conversion hits. Similarly, I have no big plans for the petpage, and unless it horribly breaks, this will be the base in which I shall slowly build upon.

Sol the Eventide Ignalce

Child of Polaris, Sol is reborn every sunrise. God of the sun and daylight. He is extremely underdeveloped right now, and I would rather spend my energy working on the actual app subject. Also, I am running out of pet slots, so the idea of sharing one slot for two characters is nice, haha

about frankie

I'm a nonbinary rat from brazil, and I have been playing neopets for over half of my life. My neurodivergent brain cannot deal with being on the computer without a neopets tab open, so I doubt I'll leave this limbo voluntarily. Outside of neopets, I am very into arts and crafts, and I'm passionate about alternative fashion (influence of both things can be seen in my way of neopetting). I also like playing video games, watching people play video games, listening to music, and collecting shiny things. I'm shy and socially inept, but I'm getting better! If you want to read some more about me, both on neopets and out, head over to /~Penitentiary and check out my portfolio! You can also find my art here.

As for what I do on neopets dot com, most of the time I'm lurking the pound chat and looking at my rad neopets. I also enjoy collecting avatars, and am actively trying to get to 300 (7 to go!). Another thing I've been acquiring the taste for is the beauty contest. I don't enter too frequently, as advertising can make me quite anxious, but it's fun being rewarded for doing art of your neppets! (kikocat please let me into the art gallery. please.) I really like customizing my pets, even though most of them have permanent customs (the two exceptions being Melogi my permanent lab-rat, and Kyn coocoo101722 my favourite pet). Kyn is also being actively trained, which is nice considering I've spent the last two years training non-permanent pets. While I do like working on petpages and petlookups, I am very hesitant to work on anything before the site conversion hits. I really don't want to deal with the possibility of all my coding breaking ;w;


why a faerie yurble

In general, I have a weak spot for yurbles, especially the unconverted ones (except I don't really care for plushie ones lol). Grey and Darigan yurbles were, for at least 7 years, my main goals alongside an UC Mutant Hissi. As of October 2020, I have both my unconverted bears, and I love them a whole lot. While I would not mind keeping just the two of them, the idea of having three yurbles with a similar-ish name format does not leave my mind. TL;DR: i just think they're neat

the fear of getting the third yurble and start craving a plushie one
despite being unable to justify going to t9 for a pet i don't like the colors

why renee

Renee is technically badly named, but her name is very pleasing, which makes me believe she would not be hard to trade. Grey ixis trade nicely from what I've seen, and while yurbles trade a bit better, I don't think it would be too hard to get one.

if i don't win

In the likely event I don't win Renee, I will turn this page into a project page. I am currently out of trading fodder, so my strategy would be to apply for pets near/on T6. (I could technically train another BD to over 2k HDS, but I cannot fathom training a non-permanent pet from scratch again).

the pets

This is the part where I rant about my kids :) Nothing better than showing off what I currently have as a way to demonstrate how things will go, right?
(if this is too much, feel free to skip! i acknowledge that i went a bit overboard.)

pantheon and mythos

In last two years, I picked back up worldbuilding. Looking back at the base I created around 2013, basically everything had to be changed, which means even after two years of work, a lot of stuff is still extremely bare-bones. One of my favourite things to figure out, and therefore one of the most developed areas, is related to gods and spirits. This section is reserved for them, specifically the ones that have a representation on neopets.

This is a constant work in progress, as I always find myself not only adding other deities to fill specific roles, but also changing the existing ones to interact with the new arrivals. The gods are intentionally vague, despite that. Their construction is focused on myths and their impact on the world, on how their worshippers see them. This is something I do in an effort to keep them grand and alien, as opposed to try and humanize them.

Andromeda (sonictheyurble92) is a very sad bear but she brings me so much joy. I've been wanting a grey yurble since at least 2012, and that dream came true November 2019. I was asleep when the UC santa happened, but my best friend Ella wasn't. Instead of grabbing something for herself, she snagged Roma for me, and I couldn't be more grateful. (ella i know you're reading and i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Andromeda is nature, specifically linked to woodlands and forests. With strong ties with the winter season, she's associated with the end of cycles, especially as means for new beginnings. Often sought out by those burdened by life, Andromeda is considered the deity of healing and mourning.

Antares (razor_x71) was A PAIN to get. In terms of achievements on neopets, he's my biggest one without a doubt. I had two chains going (both having started with Andromeda in mind), and I was able to break directly to BN T4 with both. From march to october I was frenetically trading trying to get this bear, and it was a rollercoaster of emotions. They're the number one reason I don't even want to think about going up to T6 from scratch for the faerie yurble, lol. Shout out to Ella for having to deal with my multiple mental breakdowns during this journey and having to downtrade with me in the end, and Vic for finally ending my suffering and trading razor with me!!

The deity of war and retribution. Revered by rebels and the underdogs of society, Antares preaches change with a more hands-on approach. He asks for his followers to stand up for themselves, and to fight for what they believe in. A master strategist, not only Antares advocates for acting on your anger (as not to submerge to it), but also to know when to act and how to move the pieces on the board.

Andromeda and Antares are considered consorts, as both have strong aspects of renewal, change, and the end of cycles. While Antares has a bigger focus on destruction and Andromeda on creation and growth, both have strong overlaps - there needs to be destruction for there to be creation, both in nature and in human matters. They are so heavily associated with one another that, when banning the worship of Antares, the Ophidian royal family also changed Andromeda's name to Roma, as a way to distance her from her wife.

Vega (Divinos) was adopted via app. I adore them, and have zero regrets, but oh boy did I overwork myself. I had over a month of art block after squeezing all my creative juices dry in the period of three days in which i made said app.

Vega is a deity that patrons the realms of water and life. Fluidity is a prevalent aspect of the deity, from their outward appearance and depictions, to their active presence in the world. Waves reflecting the night sky, the flow of a creek, the sound of rain falling atop a lake - to their followers, those things are examples of gift granted by their god. One of their most common depictions in iconography is a hippocampus with a body made of blue, sparkly energy - not too dissimilar from the night sky.

While their connection is nowhere as strong as Andromeda and Antares, Vega and Polaris share some realms of influence. When depicted together, Vega is often a reflection of Polaris, mimicking on water what is seen in the sky.

Echo (F0rSaken0nes), much like Andromeda and Antares, was a longterm goal of mine. One of the first UCs I yearned for, before I even knew exactly what were UCs. I was keeping an eye out for mutant hissis that I vibed with while trading for razor, and despite having an offer good enough for VWN ones, it was Forsaken that made me destroy my second yurble chain. I have both snake and yurb now so its ok :)

The Umbra Woods, located in northern Aldalar, are one of those places where spirits tend to get stuck to. There are other landmarks around the world known for having the same issue, but the Woods are particularly nasty - to the point where, long ago, the gods felt the need to intervene. The naga, known as Echo of the Forsaken Ones in myths, was sent to, well, declutter a bit. Some of the souls, particularly the most troublesome ones, are imbued into masks (crafted by the only and one Echo), so the soul's energy is able to go somewhere. It's not the cleanest solution to the problem, but it's efficient. They have a lot of masks.

The Titan (Titan123_copper) is my second UC mutant scorchio. My first was also my first UC, and I grew somewhat attached. I impulse traded them for Penitentiary, however, and Titan is a replacement. It's alright, though, as I do prefer Titan' name (even if it is objectively an worse name format).

Titan is the guardian of a sunken temple to Vega. Created and trained by the deity with the intent of protecting the sacred site, the almost-dragon-like creature found themself lonely after parting from their creator. Vega had also grown quite attached to Titan, and seeing how sad their companion was alone at the temple, decided to drop a ball of energy into the sea. The little ball quite quickly took the shape of an ethereal crocodile, and soon enough Titan and Styx - the name it calls itself - became inseparable.

Lestya and Penitentiary are two sides of the same coin. Both fill the role of psychopomps, guiding souls to the afterlife. Lestya is gentle and sorrowful, making sure that those that have passed are met with understanding and kindness. Some souls are cursed, some are plain unlucky. Lestya is not the one that deals with those. The Judge, they call him, is cold. There is no merciful smiles or heartfelt conversations waiting when judgement is the one to come for you. There is only chilling darkness.

Lestya was found stuck in the pound as a basic lenny, zapped for a while, and later morphed into a draik then dipped into the rainbow fountain.
Penitentiary was traded for a BN UC Mutant Scorchio, which I briefly mentioned on Titan's section.

Melody (Melogi) is my lab-rat, and has been my lab-rat on and off for about 6 years. Due to her constant changes, he is the one that I play dress-up with the most. Also, thanks to her chaotic energy, I have been enjoying entering her in the beauty contest, having won three trophies so far.

Mel is an elder god. Not associated with any pantheon, no myths linked to his name. The only way his existence is known, weirdly, is due to her interest on particularly flashy individuals. Those who she deem fashionable enough are rewarded with magic and knowledge. Oddly enough, the few who have contact with the entity claim that his preferred visage is that of a lizard.

everyday people

Doctors, scholars, priests - the general population. While most are spread between the continents of Aldalar and Essera in my yet unnamed world, two are realworld-based characters. Sometimes those two real world characters leak into other projects.

Kyn (coocoo101722) is my favourite. They're the neopet that I've had the longest (since Dec. 2009). I love customizing them, and with the exception of my lab-rats, he's the one that changes outfits the most. I'm currently rushing him to lv250 so I can start training them for real. (only over a hundred levels + 850 codestones to go!)

Kyn is a young adult artist and photographer trying to make a living with their roommate, Vivienne, so that they can support their dog daughter, Nit. Kyn is very anxious and shy, but once you gain his trust, they will not stop rambling about art and/or dogs. One of the two real world setting characters I have on neopets, as the others no longer felt right in this virtual pet world. However, considering Kyn makes his way into most of my brain projects anyway, I could never even fathom the idea of not having them on neopets.

Vivienne (crowtree) has a presence on neopets mostly because I don't want to separate her and Kyn. Some time ago she was another skunk zafara, but I didn't like the name. So now she's crowtree. She's currently on my side while I try to get the last pet avvy I need, but usually she is right next to Kyn. c:

Violinist and alternative model, Vivienne finds herself drawn to the darker things in life. By that I mostly mean everything she owns has to be black (or white, or grey - that doesn't ring as nice though). A casual witch who has crow friends and lives with her best friend (and their dog daughter) in NYC. She's just enjoying her best, goth, life.

Jannik (Hiubris) was an impulse trade that I have 0 regrets about. Traded a plural pokemon RW for them. That's how Dr. Hubris came to neopets - via a massive overoffer. They balance my humours by bringing me joy :]

Jannik is a plague doctor. He is weird. No one has ever seen her without it's gear, no one knows where he came from, no one is certain what she is. Regardless, they have helped people in time of need, so it is free to stay.

The Witch (Witchless) is a bounty hunter. Her name is tied to many deeds, her reputation precedes her. And yet, there still is so much mystery, so many rumours being whispered around taverns. Joshua was once an adventurer, travelling the world with her friends. Many years have passed since then, and most of their group have retired. Some found their places in important positions of power, others in family. Joshua's thirst for adventure and danger never quenched, her job is still not done.

Sirene (8053) was one of the ones that found their place in power. She started out as a young cleric of Vega, filled with purpose and wanderlust. Now, she finds herself as the high priestess of one of the most important temples to her deity. Her job doesn't allow for much travel anymore, but that doesn't stop Sirene from meeting her companions from time to time.

Paciência (Paolinhafofs), on the other hand, often joins the Witch in her adventures, not having lost the taste for dungeon crawling and going into wild goose chases across the continent. She has important duties herself, but as a diplomat, it is part of her job to travel around. Sure, going to haunted ruins to deal with an abomination of nature is not part of the diplomatic job per se, but I'm sure the king can wait another day or two before P returns with the news.

Witchless was traded for, and later morphed by me.
8053 was a gift from Ella, my best friend.
Paolinhafofs is my first ever neopet, created alongside my first account. I don't consider her the neopets I've had the longest because she spent at least 8 years encased in ice alongside my first account! Painted her darigan almost as soon as I got her back, just like she was always meant to be.


The ones that don't fit either category above. This section includes those that are permanent pets with no character attached to them, or those which I haven't yet decided what's to be of them.

buguei is just a little robot. They don't have much yet, but I appreciate them. I have spent 8 yurble morphing potions trying to zap them robot. Please just zap robot already my crops are dying

Caedhyn is the name of one of my Guild Wars 2 characters, and since it was available the goblin running my brain made me create them. She does have a character, but I can't be bothered to explain GW2 lore right now, whoops! They're nonbinary and also a sapient plant person.

Alemanha was created by me during the last purge. She used to host one of my real world characters, Anni, but since I decided to distance my real world characters from neopets, Alemanha is now being revamped. I thought about trading her for a couple days before realising how much I'd regret that :) The two contenders so far are 1) victorian lady who's husband mysteriously disappeared and now lives alone with her chambermaid/best friend, or 2) trans man who's A Very Close Friend to the king of yet unnamed nation of my worldbuilding brainworms. (I am leaning towards option two).
creecher (Criatures) is just a pet I like to have around. They're just a library cat that enjoys sleeping. For some reason, they have a special affinity towards sleeping on top of Bram Stoker's Dracula.

Spookyhouse, much like creecher, is a deep character with a wonderful concept and beautiful stories. Spooky is a vampire and she likes blood. She is the coolest vampire in town. She is lesbiab.

Deadwish is my neopets self insert. A neosona if you will. I am not a furry, but, I say as I try to find an excuse as to why I have a neosona. They're named after My Chemical Romance's song This Is Not A Fashion Statement, It's A Deadwish because I am not an emo furry. I promise I am not an emo furry its just a misunderstanding

Yinepw is a representation of my love for egyptian mythology. He's specifically based off of Anubis!

Clownerie is, much like the name suggests, a clown. She is quite new, and I haven't put much thought into her yet. I know she will be a candy zafara, at least! I enjoy her.

Widogast is a Critical Role a fanpet. I created and painted him myself. He's based off of Caleb Widogast, the sad wizard of the Mighty Nein. Trading for his wig was unnecessarily hard for some ungodly reason (despite being 1~2gbc) so that is also an achievement of mine!

Stegalkin is a Guild Wars 2 fanpet. Named after Eir Stegalkin, mentor of norn player characters, and one of my favourite characters. I went feral when I saw the name available. She really needs an updated customisation, though.

Jerm985 is a pet I recently grabbed from the pound. I am growing quickly attached to him, as a Jerma985 viewer. Also Jerm has an unmatched energy, having kil.led some of my friends on sight. Sadly by owning Jerm I have acquired a 5 billion neopoint debt by proxy and I don't know what to do?? please help. At least a bunch of cool rats seem to follow this shoyru around, which is neat.

tranzrightz was another pound grab, from the same day I found Jerm. I am very much unsure what to do with them yet, but I doubt I will be parting with them, just because of their story. They were deleted, and 2 days later the filters changed and they came back c:

Mollymauks is also a CR reference, but I'm always considering adopting him out. As much as I love Molly in CR, I can't get attached to neopets Molly ;w;


You have finally reached the end of your journey. Before you're free to go, however, a couple thank yous must be given.

Obligatory thank you to Ella for encouraging me every time I decide to apply for something, and for being a great friend! ♥
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