cheese - skritt’s shiny. a block of cheese that came to life after being carved into the vague shape of a lizard, kinda stinky. smol.

skritt - cheese’s guardian. an actual skritt, implying that ^ that happened in tyria (and i am willing to make that work in lore). his shiny was the friends he made along the way (and by that i mean the cheese lizard).

skritt was hanging out a bit south of skrritsburgh when the thaumanova reactor explosion happened. cheese mysteriously absorbed most of the radiation that would have hit skritt, essencially saving skritt's life while creating its own. i don't care if that's not plausible both in gw2 lore and in real nuclear explosion lore i need this


hes a fish with human hands and his name is edward and i hate him. hes my favorite


pirate - pirate and siren are girlfriends :]

siren - gals pals

honor - pair with blood (not in a romantic way lmao). ruler of somewhere, came into power due to his deeds.

blood - king of another yet unnamed place. pairs with honor thematically, secrets legally, and radiance romantically. came to power way too young (after probably losing his parents or something) and commited many mistakes then. has 1) royal blood 2) blood on his hands. there is so much blood oh my go

secrets - daughter of another royal/noble family, married to blood pra meio de união das familias e acordo de paz algo assim sla meu cerebro ta vazio são 6am. she does not love him and he does not love her, so they fucking hate that thats their public image lol. has many secrets :]

radiance - part of blood's court and also pair with blood (in a romantic way). they/he nonbinary noble :] because i refuse to even thing about making a royalboy zafara cis/binary :]]

theater - OK SO im really excited about this one :: this motherfucker is an actor and like a fucking pisces he/they/she/idk(yet) gets into character a bit too much and every new character they act they absorb the character's traits and burdens and sorrows as their own and THEYRE FUCKED UP but also so deeply in love with the pieces of characters that came to life inside them and it is not a self insert but it absolutely is Very Relatable. shakespearean motherfucker calm down romeo!!

polaris - i open my google docs to ctrl c the very short description deity related to stars, space, and the sky. day and night, cycles, that sorta stuff.

dreams - deity associated with you guessed it dreams. i have nothing right now for this preview. i do have this nice mental image of a maraquan eyrie swimming through a sea of stars though! :]